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If you’re looking for high-quality lawn care and maintenance service in Venice, Mark Douglas Lawncare Inc. has your needs covered. Offering mowing services, tree trimming, and a variety of other lawn care services for local home- and business owners, I’m the lawn care pro you can trust to help you keep your property looking great!

Land Clearing

Whether you're planning to build a new structure or you just want to tackle an overgrown area of your yard, it’s often necessary to take down trees and clear the terrain. Luckily, I can tackle your entire land clearing project at Mark Douglas Lawncare Inc. In addition to removing trees, I’m equipped to offer complete services in site clearing and bush hogging. For swift, skillful attention to your land clearing needs, reach me today by phone or e-mail!

Serving the Venice area since 2005, Mark Douglas Lawncare is dedicated to taking excellent care of both residential and commercial properties. My land clearing services are no exception. When you have large fields to strip or huge overgrown areas to uproot, I’ll cut the job down to size with my heavy-duty bush hogging mower. With this powerful rotary cutter, even small trees don’t stand a chance.

Mark Douglas Lawncare - Bush HoggingMake quick, easy work of your home or commercial land clearing requirements. My woods bush hog is just the tool you need for:

  • New construction
  • Developing land
  • Improving property access
  • Expanding acreage
  • Improving property appearance
  • And more!

With Mark Douglas Lawncare on your side, you can feel confident your site clearing and brush hogging will go smoothly and safely from start to finish. It’s my name on the side of the truck, and I make sure your bush clearing services are done right. As a Venice native, I have a vested interest in prudent and proper land clearing. I’ll strip away only as much brush as your project entails, leaving the surrounding areas protected from any undue damage.

24/7 Bush Hogging Services

Clearing large tracts of land by hand is time-consuming and labor-intensive work. But with my bush hog doing the chopping, I can have your site clearing accomplished in next to no time. This rugged brush hogging attachment fits directly on the back of my tractor, enabling me to mow through tall grass and heavy vegetation with incredible ease. Why delay your plans or make the land clearing stage of the project harder than it has to be? Call or e-mail me now to get started on your bush hogging services!

At Mark Douglas Lawncare, whatever time works for you works for me. That’s the convenience of 24/7 land clearing services. Call me today in the Venice area to set up your appointment!

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